Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Top Five Things I Didn't Enjoy Seeing Today

5. My face in the bathroom mirror, where my Yeti-like untrimmed beard reminded me that I have still not finished Children No More.

4. The roach that ran across my fingers a few minutes later as I was doing the morning email catch-up.

3. The self-centered jerk driving the white stretch limousine who turned right from the far left turn lane and thus blocked three lanes of traffic, including me and all the other people waiting to turn left, so he could make a right turn.

2. The email message in which I learned that a deer had died and was flat on the ground in my yard.

and the number one thing I didn't enjoy seeing today was

1. The email message that informed me that I had just spent $359 for the removal of said deer carcass.


J. Griffin Barber said...

What a missed opportunity: had you dressed the flattened deer yourself, you'd have saved a bundle and just think of all the handy-dandy deer-repellent pee you could have produced!

You need to get in touch with your inner redneck, M.

Mark said...

I considered that, but it was all done before I got home.


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