Thursday, February 18, 2010

Because sometimes we all want to

Go out tonight, that is.

I definitely prefer this original cast version over the Rosario Dawson movie rendition--not that the Dawson one sucks, because it definitely does not. Of course, that may be because I twice saw Rent with the original Broadway cast and just imprinted like a duckling on that version.

When you speak of songs about going out into the night, I think you have to include this one:

This song always reminds me of something I will forever cherish. When Sarah and Scott were small, about five and three, maybe six and four, we would frequently head upstairs to my office, and I would put on this song. I'd play it loud. They'd run in laps around my office, and I'd wait in a designated spot at one corner. I wasn't allowed to leave the spot. As they ran by, I'd reach as far as I could for them, and though I could often touch them, I could never quite grab them. Funny how that worked out. They would shriek and laugh, and I would sing along with the song and laugh and laugh with my children. Sometimes I'd run and laugh, too. Sometimes Rana and Allyn would join us. Sometimes the kids and I would dance to the song.

Every single time, my heart so filled with love for my children and joy in them that I thought it might burst with love and happiness.

I love my children as much today as I ever have, but sometimes I do wish we would all gather in my office, put on that song, run around and around and around the room, and again be as carefree as little children as we laugh and laugh and laugh.

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