Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My new main home system is now up

and I'm writing this entry on it. I'm still installing apps, replicating email, and so on, but at least all of my basic computing functions are now available again, my iPhone is synced to a system, and the shadow of the system that died over the holidays is now fading from The U of Power.

The path to this point was not simple, in large part because the new computer uses a RAID 5 setup with four 15K SAS drives, and I had to make that setup work on my own; the machine did not come ready to run. I wanted to do it myself so I'd get some useful hands-on info, and indeed I did--but perhaps next time I'll choose a faster, less painful form of learning. (For the non-technical folks, all this basically means that the machine is wicked fast but took many hours to make work.)

I'm quite pleased to be able to report this progress.

Now, back to a job and a novel that are both calling my name.

While I'm away, feel free to listen to another great Gaslight Anthem song.

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