Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes, I'm that predictable

So I was sitting around today, thinking about what to write for the blog, when I realized that it was vital that people listen to two of my favorite Christmas songs, "Silver Bells" and "Christmas Is All Around." Almost as soon as that thought crossed my mind, another raced after it: I can't write that, because I've done it already. A quick search of my blog revealed that yes, indeed, I had: December 15, 2008--the same date one year ago.

I am so predictable.

Nonetheless, I'm right that you should listen to these songs, so go read and listen to last year's entry. Each tune is wonderful, in very different ways.



Michelle said...

Only a "Billy Mack" video would combine a Christmas song with pole dancing. You have to love it. Thanks for the reminder of how much fun it is.

Mark said...

Billy Mack is wonderful indeed.

J. Griffin Barber said...

And you still wrote 110 new words on how predictable you are. Nothing written goes wasted.

Mark said...

Noticed that, did you?


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