Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Check out the TED 2010 program guide

It's up on the TED site, and once again, it looks great. As I did last year, this February I'll make the trek to Palm Springs for what they're now calling the TEDActive conference, which is the remote session that watches the Long Beach talks live via simulcast and which has some talks on its stage and a variety of local activities. I'm sure the experience is not the same as being at the main TED, but I've been unable to get into that one, and I've enjoyed the two remote TED sessions I've attended, so back I go.

If you're free during that time and have about $5.5K to spare ($3,750 for the conference fee, plus hotel, plus airfare), I highly recommend the experience. It provokes a great deal of thought and a wide range of emotions in me, and I come away each year enriched. Being a TED speaker (either about fiction and the creative process or, more likely, about the ways Bill and I believe businesses can and should change) has become a goal of mine, and though like many of my goals it is one I am unlikely to achieve, I still hope for it.

If you are attending TEDActive, please look me up. I'd love to chat.


Ticia said...

As a person who loves the TED conferences, but will probably never be able to afford to go, I'd like to point others in my predicament to:

The talks are powerful and inspiring.


Mark said...

Excellent pointer. I feel very lucky to be able to go.


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