Friday, October 23, 2009

In case you've been wondering

just what fried cookie dough looks like, you can see Sarah showing it--and her reaction to it--in this photo, courtesy of Gina.

Gina also provided all the other pictures for this entry; thanks, Gina.

Fried mac and cheese? Little golden triangles of cheesy goodness, as I demonstrate here. Sure, they used Kraft macaroni and cheese, but it still tasted great.

Ah, but what about fried cheesecake, you ask? Here it is, just before Scott attacked it.

As yesterday's entry proved, we didn't eat only bad things. We also had our fruits: these fried plantains.

You may also be curious about just how low a burger can go. This photo should answer that question. Take a flat burger. Smush it flatter. Cook until shoe leather. Drop in water with fellow victims. Wait three hours. Remove, toss on soggy white bun, and drench with twelve-hour-old cheese whiz. Hand to writer.

Of course I ate it.

By the way, in case you wanted proof we're in the South, check out this food stand. I bet you don't see chitlins, collards, side meat, and hush puppies at any of those fancy Northern or Californian fairs.

Of course, nothing says State Fair like odd crafts, and this chicken made of recycled soda cans, only one of several of his kind and the product of students at a local school, proves that NC kids can hang with anybody. Forget our SAT ranking; check out our metal chickens!

Weird creations are not only from children, as this traffic safety barrel creation demonstrates. As we were leaving, we walked by this one, and I found it a fitting summary to our time on the fairgrounds.

As I said in the other post, I already can't wait to go back next year.


Ticia said...

Biggest "google search" mistake ever.

I tried to look up "side meat".

Mark said...

Wow, was that an error--and not one I am willing to repeat.

Ticia said...

Mine was supposed to be a cautionary tale! Why did you look? Once seen, some of those images will never go away.

Mark said...

Very true.


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