Friday, September 18, 2009

On the road again: San Francisco, day 1 - from the plane

I'm writing this on the plane from DFW to SFO. This is the first time I've bought bandwidth on a flight, and so far, it's awesome. The price ($14.02 after all taxes) is ludicrous for less than four hours of bandwidth, but on the other hand, I can work, check personal email, show the guy sitting next to me (who is both a lawyer and a zombie fan) the Zombieland redband trailer, IM with Sarah, and so on. A quick speed test put the connection at 1.4Mbps down and 270Kbps up, which is pretty decent and definitely good enough for basic email needs.

As usual, I'm beginning a trip exhausted--almost no sleep last night--behind on a work project, and generally behind. So it goes. I clearly need to fix my life.

As this washed out photo, which I just took, shows, my list of woes also includes a split lip.

Exactly what am I telling you this? More to the point, why am I showing you a taken-on-the-plane photo that makes me look even whiter than I really am?

Because I can, of course, because I can!

Time for me to return to work. Perhaps more later. Or perhaps I'll just collapse.


John Lambshead said...

All this high technology so you can show us a split lip on a plane flight. Don't you sometimes yearn for a simpler life?

Mark said...

Not usually. At the risk of going serious for a second, I was able to catch my daughter and IM for a few minutes. I video-chatted with a friend I would not have gotten to see. I opted for an amusing blog entry, but in general that was money well spent.

I do sometimes crave going offline, and at times I do. For the most part, though, technology has improved my life.


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