Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'd forgotten

how much fun programming can be. Scott is taking AP CS, so I've had a few chances to help explain some Java stuff to him. I've never programmed in Java, but I've worked in a lot of other languages, and Scott is just beginning to learn to code, so I've been able to provide value so far.

Programming requires both the ability to see the overall task at hand and the skill to break down that task into increasingly smaller steps. I've always enjoyed both of those kinds of thinking. Talking to Scott about how to approach assignments, learning some of Java's syntax, watching him quickly grasp the new concepts--it's all big fun.

Yes, it's true: I am such a geek.


Michelle said...

Ah, but someday, it will be the geeks that rule the world, so maybe we should all start kowtowing soon. Want proof? Two words...Bill Gates.

Mark said...

I don't know that geeks are running the world, but they are making an increasing share of its income.


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