Sunday, August 23, 2009

No one threw vegetables

or even fruit at my reading and signing today at the lovely McIntyre's Fine Books. In fact, everyone in the audience was quite nice, and the store staff were lovely to me even though I didn't move a lot of books for them. (The good news for them is that the folks who came with me ended up buying a lot, as did I. We're that kind of crowd.)

It's hard to make a reading exciting, because at it one, well, reads. And talks. And hawks.

Courtesy of Gina, we have action photos of me doing all three:


Yes, I need the reading glasses, but only for reading; I can't walk around safely with them on.

For those who are wondering, I did indeed for the first (and so far only) time share bits of Children No More. I read three short chapters, as well as a few pages of Overthrowing Heaven, and the discussion ended up focusing on Children.

That book is either going to be by far the best, most intense thing I've ever written, or a complete and utter failure. Boy, do I hope for the former.

Of course, all that reading lead to a lot of...


You gotta love a world in which you willingly post a photo of yourself with your mouth hanging open in mid-sentence. What is wrong with me?


Step right up, ladies and gents, and get your red-hot SF novel, flown here straight from the printer for your special attention.

Finally, I offer you this weird shot of me listening to a questioner. I have no clue what was going through my head at this instant, nor do I know what this expression means, but if I could replicate the look on command, I would use it frequently in meetings.

Of course, maybe I already do, and I just don't know it.


John Lambshead said...

Throwing foodstuffs is OK provided it is not deep frozen or still in the can.

Mark said...

Perhaps, but I'd still rather not endure them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do use that expression in meetings already. I think of it as benign skepticism. It probably is your best attempt to not laugh at the person...

Mark said...

Hmm. Okay. Assuming this particular anonymous poster does work with me, I clearly have been giving some odd looks in meetings. That doesn't surprise me, but I probably should try to do better. Thanks for letting me know.

sarah said...

Sorry I missed it! Made a trip south to visit my mom or I would have been there.

And you do use that expression! I agree it may precede laughter... but laughing with the person, not at the person.

Just Finished Slanted Jack (so now I've read all the Jon & Lobo books). Looking forward to your next creation.


Mark said...

I'm glad the expression is sometimes good.

I'm also happy that you enjoyed SJ. I also look forward to Children No More; right now, it's kicking my ass. I will, though, finish it.


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