Monday, June 1, 2009

Up delivers

This past weekend, we went to a (non-3D) show of Pixar's latest film, Up. The movie, which I believe is by far Pixar's best, deserves the accolades and the number one box-office ranking it earned. You should not miss this one.

Tech did not make this movie a joy, though of course the images were gorgeous. After early films in which the Pixar tech team seemed to be trying to come ever closer to realistically creating human images, this one instead employs a very stylized visual palette. You never forget you're watching animation, but that also never matters; Up sweeps you into its embrace early and keeps you there until the end.

The opening bits, which compress into a few minutes a beautiful, lifelong relationship, are absolutely wonderful and also essential to the story that follows. The rest of the tale follows a predictable formula, but again, that doesn't matter; the details of the ride are so interesting and heartfelt that you enjoy all of it.

Story and heart have always been greater strengths of Pixar than the company's much-lauded technical prowess, and they carry the day here as well. I'd happily write for them.

This one really is for kids and grown-ups alike. Check it out.


Unknown said...

100% agreement here, although there were some elements in the story I would deny were "predictable formula" and, storytelling aside, there were references to Ratatouille, Terminator, and Star Wars et. al. that would have had me on the floor of the theater except that you KNOW what theater floors are like.

Another winner for Pixar.

Mark said...

I have to agree and probably should have been clearer in stating that not all of the plot was predictable. There were many grace notes and wonderful touches. The movie references were wonderful, and all the dog humor worked amazingly well.


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