Sunday, July 6, 2008

My day

People have asked me, what do you do for excitement at the beach?

The short answer is, nothing. Excitement is not why I come here.

The easiest way to give a longer answer is to walk through a sample day, say today. After reading late, I slept late. I then pulled on my bathing suit, found a few folks of like mind, and walked to the ocean (a fair hike from the house, which even though it's oceanside is still on the order of a quarter mile from the water). We played in the waves for a little bit, then walked back and hung out in the pool for a little bit longer. After a shower, some of us went to lunch, then came back. I wrote and hung out with people. Having rested up, a few of us watched an excellent Doctor Who episode ("Blink"). I then hung out yet more with folks, worked on Overthrowing Heaven--I really like today's work, which probably means it's crap, but so it goes--and then hung out still more. Off we went to dinner, then hanging out (and a little more writing for me), then a comedy DVD, dessert, and soon I'm going to hang out some more and maybe watch something else and definitely read more.

Some days there's more reading than watching, and on action-packed days we might visit a little shop or even drive half an hour to the movie theater.

Nothing exciting, but just the ticket for recharging.

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Anonymous said...

ballin, i love the beach.


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