Wednesday, September 13, 2017

If you're in Austin, you should eat at COUNTER 3. FIVE. VII

It's that simple.  COUNTER 3. FIVE. VII is the best restaurant in Austin, and you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't eat at it.  I had the privilege of dining there earlier tonight, and the food was once again spectacular--delicious and thoughtful and beautifully presented.

I know I've said it every time I've eaten at Counter, but it's been true every time.  I've eaten at a fair number of the world's best restaurants, so when I say the following, I say it with significant relevant context:  Executive Chef Damien Brockway and his team are producing truly world-class meals.

Support this restaurant.  Enjoy its food.  Learn how amazing the simplest of ingredients--think black beans or corn--can be in the hands of an amazing chef and his team.

Or just go because it's fun to eat and talk with the chefs and watch them prepare your food.

You'll have a wonderful meal and a good time.

Tell 'em I sent you and I said, hi.

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