Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sleeping in a warm hotel room

is really not working for me.  The coolest the hotels--I've now tried two and asked about others--will allow a room to get is 73 degrees Fahrenheit, which is way warmer than I'm used to.  That may seem like a small thing, and in many ways it is, but it causes me to wake up more often than usual in the night, to soak my pillows with sweat, and generally to have poor rest.  So, I'm in bed plenty of hours but still more tired than I would like to be (which is not at all, because I'm on vacation).  The hotel personnel with whom I've discussed this point out that it means the room is never wasting energy, but at this point I'd happily pay more to waste some energy.  That is not an option.

So, a longer blog another time.  For me, it's another night of fitful slumber in a too-warm room.

I want a cold hotel room.  I can make my room in Austin in a cheaper hotel 65; I never thought staying cool in Helsinki would be a problem.


Andy Finkel said...

If there's an in-room thermostat, and its a Honeywell Incomm (Hyatt and W uses these, for example), or a Trane, or a Lornix, or a SensorStat-DDC you might be able to bypass its running program to make it as cold as you like.


1) Hold down the “display” button
2) While holding that button, press “off”
3) Release off, continue to hold down display, and Press the “up” arrow button
4) Release all buttons

If it accepted the bypass, the display will say VIP. You can now make it colder.

SensorStat-DDC thermostat:

1) Depress the On/Off and Arrow Down buttons simultaneously to enter bypass mode. “bP” will display.

The thermostat will now stay on, regardless of activity from the motion sensor
You will need to depress the On/Off button again if the system was on when you activated bypass mode.



1) Hold down the central button labelled 'override'
2) Once you see ‘PswrdSet 0’, keep pressing the ‘override’ key until you see ‘cool min’ – or ‘heat max’
3) use the arrow keys to adjust the temperature downward or upward:

One you've got that set, leave the buttons alone for a moment and the system exits back to the main screen. Now you can select your temperature.

It won’t automatically change back to the original setting unless you do it manually when you leave.



1) Enter the secret menu by simultaneously pressing the up and down key
2) tap either directional key until you see ‘CH-C’:
3) Press ‘M’ (second from the left), and you can change the lowest available temperature.

Setting changes on this type of thermostat stay until manually adjusted again.

Most thermostats have some kind of override, even if the hotel staff doesn't know about it; as long as its not a model with a settable password, there should be a way in.

Good luck!

Mark said...

Great info, Andy! Thanks. Alas, this is a Honeywell with no display button. I do appreciate all the intel, though. It will, no doubt, come in handy in the future.

Andy Finkel said...

Don't give up hope!
most of them have an override, and a lot of the older Honeywell do not have the ability to lock out the user. A Google search with the model number might work wonders....

Mark said...

No model number is visible, but I will keep checking.

Now, though, to bed!


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