Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Magnificent Seven: exactly what I wanted it to be

Good take on the classic plot?  Check.

Denzel Washington being his bad-ass yet ultimately sympathetic self?  Check.

Stunning shots of people on horseback riding across wonderful plains, mountains looming in the background?  Check.

Add a diverse cast, Chris Pratt managing to deliver both comic relief and some intensity when appropriate, and a plucky group of villagers, and you have exactly the movie I had hoped to see.

If you know this story, nothing in the movie will surprise you, but as long as surprises aren't what you're seeking, you'll be happy.  If you aren't familiar with the underlying plot, you probably still won't be surprised, but you will also enjoy the ride.

If you like westerns, this story, or action-packed ensemble flicks, go see The Magnificent Seven.

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