Wednesday, September 21, 2016

If you can stand looking at me for thirteen and a half minutes

then you might want to head over to the Buzzy Mag site, where you can find an interview that Jean Marie Ward did with me back at this year's Balticon.  Though the hotel was jammed with fans, Jean Marie managed to find an empty hotel meeting room we were able to use.  She set up her small video camera, and we started talking.

My thanks to Jean Marie and the Buzzy Mag folks for including me in their SF/F author interview series.

I hope you enjoy it.


old aggie said...

Whoa! Another Lobo Christmas story?!? Fantastic! Cannot wait! (tho I guess I have to...) I cannot tell you how many people I have loaned or given that omnibus to, and everyone loves that story - even folks who really don't like anything genre at all.

The business book sounds good too; please do post here on your blog when it comes out, including any book signings. My sister and her family live not too far from you, and I bet he'd be really interested in it / maybe attend a signing. (After all, I've driven from the CLE to Dayton several times for Scalzi and Sanderson, and that's just fiction. ;-)

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words and all the support. I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...


Mark said...

Thank you.

Mark P said...

Got around to watching the interview. I found it very informative, and tantalising. I can't wait for the next book release.

Mark said...

Thanks. I'm working away on it!


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