Monday, September 12, 2016

A reminder: If you don't vote for Clinton, you're helping Trump

It really is that simple.

If you're a Trump supporter, someone who really believes he should be the next President of these United States, then I'm not talking to you.  I strongly feel you are choosing poorly, but that is your right.

The following choices are also the right of the people making them, but I want to make sure we're all clear on what those choices mean.

If you stay home in disgust at your choice of candidates, you're giving Trump a greater chance of winning than if you pick the lesser of two evils, which is clearly, at least to me, Clinton.

If you vote for Johnson, who cannot win, then you're giving Trump a greater chance of winning.

I mention this again because of Clinton's recent screw-up: her choice not to be open about being sick.  As countless analysts have observed, Clinton has an unhealthy tendency toward secrecy, and that tendency is part of what has led so many people to distrust her.  She should have been open about her illness, as her campaign ultimately agreed.

Even so, though, the choice in this election is clear:  either we put Clinton in the White House, or we let Trump win and live with all that he so obviously is.  To me, every bit of available data about the man makes it completely obvious that we should never let him lead this country.

Yes, you can talk about casting a protest vote, joke about wanting a big meteor to end it all, and be legitimately appalled at having to pick from among two candidates you don't trust, but in the end, choose the one who is a rational human being who at least cares somewhat about other humans.

Choose Clinton.

(By the way, I think rather better of Clinton than the above entry might suggest.  I think she will make a solid President, and I absolutely will vote for her.  I wrote this entry as I did to highlight my very strong belief that even if you don't like Clinton, you should vote for her because she is a vastly better choice than Trump.)


David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

I agree with you and will vote for Mrs Clinton. A lot of people paid a lot for my right to vote, and I'm not going to throw it away. Mr Trump would be as bad a president at Mr Corbyn would be a prime minister.

That said... I knew quite well a woman who told the truth only after consideration, so I have a degree of insight into Mrs Clinton's mindset. The real problem isn't the dishonesty, it's the short-term thinking--which is the last thing this country needs in a president. It leads to 'they say I've got to do something, and this is something.'

In the past with Mrs Clinton, 'something' has meant cruise missiles, resulting in years of violent anarchy in Libya. Given that the architect of the Cambodian Invasion is her mentor, Libya isn't as bad as I see things getting.

So: Mrs Clinton is not (to my mind) a safe pair of hands; but I'll vote for her.


Mark said...

I would argue a bit about your conclusion about the future, but I think we agree that she is a safer pair of hands than Trump.


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