Thursday, August 4, 2016

When you walk through a place

in which you have any influence, you should feel humbled by your responsibility, and you should take that responsibility very seriously.

When I walk the halls at PT, a company of which I am one of the leaders and one of the two co-owners, I see people with rich lives, dreams, families, car payments, mortgages, other bills to pay, and all the other complexities of life.  I see people who are counting on me, as one of the leaders, to do my best to help the company continue to provide jobs for all of them, all of us.

What I never see is headcount, assets, or other dehumanizing euphemisms that seem to help many leaders treat groups of individuals as no more than numbers.

I worry that most corporate leaders do see their companies that way, as collections of assets.  I worry more that most government leaders see their constituencies that way.

I am absolutely positive that Donald Trump sees America as a place where the dreams of most people don't matter and one in which he primarily aims to create more wealth for himself and others in the wealthiest fraction of our citizens.

I never want to be that way, and I sure never want to vote such a man into the highest office in our country.

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Mark P said...

I'm sorry to say I have agree with you. My personal experience is that for a lot of companies the bottom dollar/pound is what counts. I've been lucky to have had very good immediate managers who backed you up and kept the worst of the company BS off your back so you could produce could product and keep the customer happy.

So many large US companies that I've worked for liked to have initiatives which didn't actually achieve anything for staff but looked good.

The best company I worked for was British Aerospace I felt they cared about me and the local community where they were based.


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