Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Travel days give, and travel days taketh away

Today's travel day gifts were upgrades on both my flight from San Francisco to Phoenix and the one from Phoenix to Kansas City.  Getting to ride in first class is a wonderful thing, because my shoulders fit, I have room to work, flight attendants bring me all the Coke Zero and water (in separate glasses; don't mix the streams) I want, and the airplane experience is generally humane.

Unfortunately, today's travel day penalty was a multi-hour delay in Phoenix that no American Airlines representative would or could--hard to tell--explain.  I was already slated to arrive in Kansas City late, but now it's ridiculous:  the plane is due to land at 2:15 a.m. local time.  I say "due to land" because I'm going to post this entry from the plane so I can crash when I finally hit the hotel.  After all, once we're on the ground, I still have the usual walk to baggage claim, the wait for my bag, the search for my rental car, the drive to the hotel, and check-in there.  I can't wait.

What I got to see of the Intel Developer Forum was fun and interesting, with the opening keynote a tech treat full of goodies for those who like such things--as I do.

I hope to get to sleep late and awaken refreshed.  For now, I'm shutting down this computer and returning to today's book.

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