Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm home

Airline travel keeps getting worse.  Today, despite having exit-row, aisle seats on both flights, I spent many hours curling my shoulders inward to try to stop being hit by attendants and other people in the aisle.  Nothing was comfortable.  The second flight ran quite late.

Unless you are fortunate enough to land in business or first, flying is a deeply uncomfortable drag.

On the other hand, I made it, so I shouldn't complain too much.

I am very glad to be home.


Mark P said...

As an owner of your company can't you have upgraded seats, and claim them as a taxable business expense?

Mark said...

A key principle of our company is that one set of rules applies to all of us. So, we would have to offer business class seats to all or to no one. Based on cost, we decided we could not afford to offer them to all. (That's within the U.S.; we do pay for business class travel abroad for all staff, though we don't do tons of that travel.) At PT, we all win, or we all lose, together.

Mark P said...

I wish there were more companies like yours. I've worked my entire career where the 'coal face' workers are not well treated. Most of those companies were American.

So many years I've had pay freezes because the company isn't doing well enough at the sometime directors get bonuses and share options.

Oh well, hopefully I can retire in 7 years, that's after I manage to get another job as I'm made redundant today.

I'm strongly considering contacting as I can't face another company with all the BS that goes with being a 'company man'

Mark said...

I'm sorry for your situation. We at PT think businesses can and should behave differently. Bill and I have written a book, Limit Your Greed, about this topic. I hope one day it finds a publisher.

Take care.

Mark P said...

I'm fortunate that I'm on holiday in France at the moment, and as I got redundancy can look at the immediate future as an extended summer break.

I'm currently reading one of David Drakes books so I'm really relaxing.

Your book title should certainly be a mantra adopted by a lot of big business.

Mark said...

I will hope all works out well for you. I am very sorry this happened.


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