Thursday, July 28, 2016

A hot day in Portland ends in a delicious meal

Temperatures here once again reached into the 90s, as they have all week.  I always expect to relax in the cool air here in the summer, but not this trip; this trip, Portland delivered the heat.

I spent the dinner hours in the cool interior of one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Le Pigeon.  Chef/owner Gabriel Rucker was working tonight, which made the usual cooking show even better than normal.

As always, every single dish was wonderful.  The stand-out was an offering not on the menu:  truffled pasta.  In this case, the Le Pigeon chefs made the pasta from scratch with Italian flour and tons and tons of black Australian truffle, so the pasta itself was infused with the delicious goodness of truffles.  They covered it in a cheese and truffle sauce, and finished the dish with--you guessed it--grated truffles.

Click the image to see a larger version.

This bowl provided bite after bite of sex in your mouth that delivered a serious foodgasm, so rich and wonderful that I almost licked the bowl clear.  Two of us shared it, a decision that saved me some calories but that I regretted more than a few times.

If you're ever in this area, do not miss Le Pigeon.  If you're here now, rush over there, ask for this pasta, and hope it's still on the menu.

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