Friday, February 26, 2016

On to London

I flew from Barcelona to London today, thus making a one-hour shift closer to home time.  I'm here just to enjoy myself, which I intend to do--along with sleeping a very great deal.  As it turns out, working a show floor and keeping up with regular work, all while six hours ahead in time, is a rather demanding challenge.  I'm beyond tuckered.

When I wasn't traveling today, I was working, save for one meal--a fancy tea--and one incredibly fun play, Guys and Dolls.  The cast members were uniformly strong, and the actors who played Sky Masterson and Sister Sarah Brown were superb.  The staging was excellent, the dance numbers exuberant--this show was a winner from top to bottom.  If you're in London, I recommend it highly.

I then worked until late into the night, but now I'm crashing.

Hello, London!


Mark P said...

Welcome to the UK!

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

There is some reason to believe Sky Masterson was based on the author's friend Bat Masterson (who covered the Dempsey-Tunney fight while he was a sports writer in NYC.

The world is full of neat connections!


Mark said...

Indeed it is. The show was simply marvelous.


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