Monday, February 22, 2016

Might as well be Newark

My mission for this trip is both simple and daunting:  walk the enormous trade-show floor, stop at lots of booths, and try to have some conversations with marketing folks there.  The work is in a good cause, and some people do take the time to talk, but it's also exhausting.  Add to it the job of keeping up with my daily work, throw in a little sleep, and you have a more than full day.  That means that so far, I'm wasting the fact that I'm in Barcelona.

I honestly don't know if I'll be able to change that.  It will all depend on the work.

I do enjoy the bits I can:  the cab rides to and from the MWC venue, the different food, the ability to walk down the street and pick up a ham and cheese baguette for five euro, and so on.  Of course, last night that same sandwich, which I grabbed as a snack, ended up being dinner, and I never left my room once I returned to it after the show.

Normally, I would have planned to stay longer on one end or the other of this trip, but between TED prefacing it and my holiday in London following it, Barcelona is getting short shrift from me.

I know, pity me, for I have it so rough.  I know I don't, but the fact remains that I'm wasting Barcelona.

Perhaps tomorrow I will do better.

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