Monday, February 8, 2016

It's not always sunny in Portland

but today the sun shined all day, the skies stayed clear, and the weather proved to be fabulous.  One could not have asked for a nicer winter day.  I enjoyed all of the few moments I was outside.

Dinner tonight took me to one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Le Pigeon.  The menu was as inventive--and fattening--as always.

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If you know me well, you can already be sure what I ordered.  I started with the foie gras and uni.

This dish proved to be a riff on bacon, eggs, and pancakes, with the uni sitting atop the sour cream filling the role of the egg, the foie gras acting as the bacon, and the amazing pancake and soy maple syrup supporting it all.  Foie and uni together are so good and so bad--for health--that they should be an illegal and yet widely available couple.

My main course was an equally obvious choice:  the Kobe salisbury steak--with foie--with mushroom gravy.

In some ways, this plate of food was simply an interpretation of the Stouffer's frozen-foods classic--until I took a bite of it.  Then it proved to be so sinfully rich and good that it, like the previous course, should be illegal and highly coveted.

Out came the dessert menu.

I'd like to be able to tell you that I resisted, that I considered all I had eaten, pushed away the single sheet, and told the dessert temptation to get behind me.

I didn't, though, do any of that.

Instead, I ordered the truffled chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, because truffles!  Chocolate!  Ice cream sandwich!

Oh, my, was it delicious!  Rich and wonderful, the blending of truffles and chocolate was more grand than I would have believed.

If you live anywhere near Le Pigeon, hurry over and try these dishes before they leave the menu.

Then, plan to walk a lot.  A whole damn lot.  You won't want to stop until you've burned off a great may of these calories, because if you do stop, you might fall, and if you fall, you won't easily get up.


Michelle said...

A step up from room service salad, I would think. What a lovely presentation.

Mark said...

Very true, though the salad was good.


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