Friday, February 12, 2016

I miss you, Mom

She died four years ago yesterday.  I wasn't going to write about her this year, but a lot of things have combined to leave me thinking a great deal about her over the last few days.

She was a good woman, a smart, funny, tough woman who raised three kids and was for many years a single mother.  She was a fighter who beat cancer three times.

Like all of us, she had her many flaws, and I use some of them in my comedy shows.  Those bits always work.

Even when I use her as comic material, I love her.  I never stopped loving her, though she always worried that I didn't, that somehow her failings had turned my heart against her.  I never understood those feelings, but now I do, and I often feel similar fears about my own kids.  I hope they're as irrational as hers.

I miss her.  I always will.


Mark P said...

I don't think you ever stop missing your parents. I lost my father 14 years ago the end of this month. I still miss the opportunity to discuss common interests. To share the latest in those areas.

I am so thankful for his introducing me to classical music, science and archaeology.

Mark said...

I believe you're right, and in the end, that's a good thing.


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