Thursday, January 14, 2016

R.I.P., Alan Rickman

I loved Alan Rickman's work.  Like many Americans, I first became aware of him in Die Hard, but from then on if he was in a film, I would see it.  I've loved him in the roles everyone knew--the Harry Potter films spring to mind, in the roles in which his character was one of the few difficult ones (Love Actually), and in those pictures almost no one saw (e.g., Gambit and his wonderful turn in The January Man).  The world is poorer for his absence, and I am once again reminded of my increasing age and how many people near me in age have died.

Damn, another fine artist whose work I love has passed away.


Michelle said...

Another star just burned out in the heavens. Breaks my heart. RIP Professor Snape.

Mark P said...

Three famous people in short succession and all Btits.

I always like Rickman in Robin Hood, I was rooting for the Sheriff.

Mark said...

The world is far poorer for their deaths.


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