Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beach life is good

Life today was easy and good.  I slept until noon and awoke feeling a whole lot better than before.  I have long hoped to heal entirely before this trip was over, and at least today, that hope seems realistic.

I threw on a swim suit and a t-shirt and headed down to the ocean.  The way this hotel works, you walk to the entrance to the beach, and someone asks if you'd like a beach chair; the cost of the chair is part of what you buy when you get a room.  I responded, of course, in the only reasonable way:  Why, yes, a beach chair would be lovely.

A few minutes later, and I'm sipping a lemon-and-lime flavored glass of water in a chair facing the ocean, my face shaded by an umbrella built into the chair.

A waiter wanders by and asks if I'd like something to drink or some lunch.  Again, I respond in the only reasonable fashion.  Fifteen minutes later, I'm still in my chair, still facing the ocean, but now I'm sipping a virgin mango daquiri and chowing down on a Cuban sandwich with a side salad.

Lest you think everything is easy here, I was not in a chair directly in front of the ocean.  Those prime seats go to early risers.  I had three whole rows of chairs between me and the ocean.  Tough duty, but I persevered.

After lunch, I waded into the ocean and slowly walked in the water the width of the hotel's beachfront area.  The water felt cold at first, but I acclimated quickly and absolutely loved it.  I chatted with various folks as I walked and admired again the perfect clarity of the ocean.

After a little more time in my chair, I decided some shade was in order and traded the oceanfront chair for the poolside chair.  I later learned this was a good decision, because while in front of the ocean I had picked up a fair sunburn on my face--nothing painful, but definitely a lot of redness.

I swam in the pool and chilled out before returning to my room.

My initial room was fine, but the view from its balcony wasn't what I wanted.

Click an image to see a larger version.

So, today I worked with the hotel to change rooms.

Much better.  Thus do I overcome the challenges of beach life.

Which admittedly are, as I noted, really no challenges at all.

I rested a bit and read on my balcony until the dying light made reading no longer feasible.  (Yes, I was reading a real, paper book; I prefer them, and I'm willing to tote them with me on most trips.)

The eighth Cayman Cookout kicked off tonight with the traditional wine auction and dinner.  A decent enough cover band played a wide range of modern rock classics while chefs at various stations prepared and served small plates of various sorts.

Wine was everywhere, but water was available, and the food was good--though nothing stood out as great.

Overall, I'd have to rate the cuisine down a bit from last year's offering, but I still had a good time, and the people watching was as fantastic as always.

Tomorrow morning, the chef sessions begin!  I will have to get up in the nines; ah, the challenges of beach life at the Cayman Cookout.


Mark P said...

You've caught my interest with talk of wine.

Any thing interesting? Bordeaux?

Mark said...

I honestly know next to nothing about wine, but it is everywhere here, and the people here seem to think most of it is very good stuff indeed. Sorry I don't have more data to offer.


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