Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My unsolicited advice to Hollywood

Spread your Christmas goodies a little more evenly around the month!

I understand the desire to open a big film on Christmas Day, but does every studio have to succumb to that temptation?  This year, almost all of the best movies of December will open that week, while this weekend and the following one are devoid of hot films.

It's fair to want to avoid opening against the blockbuster that the new Star Wars movie will be, but it's staked out the 18th, so the prior two weekends were available for other big releases to claim.

Listen up, Hollywood studios:  If you want to maximize your revenue from movie fans, do a better job of scheduling.


Anonymous said...

Believe me, if my diabolical planning was not so profitable I would consider your proposal. What is said plan you might ask? Well seeing how you can do nothing to stop it (insert maniacal laugh post production), I might as well gloating-ly tell you. You see every Holiday season their is one move that shines above all others. Drawing in the crowds far beyond any other movie. Naturally people spirits are up and more apt to spontaneously go in large family groups to the movies. But because of all the new releases we can only have half the seats needed. So large groups show up unable to see the movie they really want but socially unable to call off the expedition. And after they see a movie they riding really want to they come are forced to come back to watch the one they really wanted. (Repeat insert maniacal laugh with added dramatic back ground music set to fade)

Sincerely Mr. Hollywood Studio

Mark said...

I think that strategy worked better in the age before many people could look online and easily see that the movie they want is unavailable. I suspect it is less and less profitable.

Still, I appreciate the answer, and of course the maniacal laugh.


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