Monday, December 21, 2015

Good people

In the course of a typical week, one or another of my friends is likely to say, "People suck," or "People are the worst."  They can make strong cases by pointing to horrible recent events, or the state of our planet, or any number of other bad things humans have done.

I don't hold with their perspective.  I certainly acknowledge the great amount of bad that humans have done, but I also always try to remember the many bits of good women and men have accomplished.  In my experience, the vast majority of humans everywhere are trying to live their lives, better themselves, take care of those they love, and get through what are often rough days.

Yesterday, I gave up on my body healing itself and went to an urgent care clinic.  Every single person there treated me wonderfully, with care and with dignity, efficiently but not coldly.  I left with a prescription for antibiotics and something to help stop the cough until I could heal.

I didn't go until late in the day, so by the time I finished at the clinic it was almost closing time for the local drug stores.  I hustled to the nearest one and hit the pharmacy desk three minutes before the pharmacist was due to go home.  He was kind and nice and not only filled my prescriptions, he also took the time to answer my questions.

In this short trip into the local world, I interacted with men and women, with people of many colors, and all of them treated me well.

I've certainly had worse experiences, many of them, so I acknowledge that maybe I just got lucky.  I don't care.  Good people are everywhere, and, I believe, most people are trying to be good.  I will cling to this and the many other examples like it that I've experienced, so that I can remember that though people may at times be the worst, they are also at times the best.

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