Saturday, December 26, 2015

Don't watch this trailer

if violence, gore, foul language, or inappropriate comments upset you.  Seriously.  It contains all of those.

If, though, you're as excited about seeing the clearly irreverent Deadpool movie as I am, then watch away.

Oh, yeah, this looks like it'll be fun.  Even better, it's appearing in February, a month when we'll all need some action films.


Rosanne said...

I didn't watch the trailer yet, but I will check comments of those I know who go, and will probably see Deadpool either at the movies or once it is released onto DVD. Deadpool creeps me out big time, if I am thinking of the correct character. I see a reminder Internet search following the reading of this blog. Lol

Mark said...

He is a creepy character, but also, in this telling, a funny one.

Rosanne said...

After I read up, it sounds like he has been given a bit of Quicksilver-like quirkiness and is now a bit of a sly prankster who is not totally evil. Hoping this more like the X-men and Avengers movies and not like The Fantastic Four movies.

Mark said...

I share that hope.


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