Friday, November 6, 2015

On the road again: World Fantasy Con, Saratoga Springs, day 2

I worked a lot again today, but because I can't say anything about what I'm doing, I'm going to stop mentioning it for the rest of this trip.

Lunch took a group of us to the Putnam Market, where the crowds were hard to take but the food was very good.  Afterward, we enjoyed a light dessert at Saratoga Gelato.  The gelato there wasn't up to what I enjoyed in Italy, but it was still quite good.

My second and final panel of the con was about politics, economics, and power dynamics in fantasy realms.  We talked about many aspects of these issues, and once again the audience seemed fully engaged.

I next roamed the art show and the dealers' room for a while.  I could get in so much trouble in both of them.  This art show is strong, and I very much enjoyed getting to see so many wonderful original works.

World Fantasy Cons have a tradition of a mass signing, which normally occurs, as it did here, on Friday night.  Largely because each con-goer received a copy of the special WFC edition of Onward, Drake! in her/his book bag, I spent more than an hour straight signing books, a nice change from my usual lonely time at the signing tables.

Several of us then headed across the street to Forno Bistro for a late Italian dinner that was good, if not exceptional.

As at other World Fantasy Cons, the bar here was hopping with folks talking, and I joined that crowd and chatted with friends.

A good con day.


Mark P said...

You could tell us what you were doing, but then you'd have to shoot us. Which would put a dent in your book sales :-)

Mark said...

No way would I ever want to shoot you! I want folks to read the books.

Plus, you're the only regular UK commenter on this blog, so I need your perspective.

Anonymous said...

Great!!! Another man safe from being shot because of his UK blog card!!! Typical; Dr Who fanaticism at its worst!! Next you'll tell me this has nothing to do with anything ever from Dr. Who. Well it's the best I could come up with to add to your joke!! and only a true fanatic would know...


Mark said...

Well played!


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