Friday, September 25, 2015

Onward, Drake! is nearing publication

and I already have my editor/contributor copies of all three editions of the book.

Click the image to see a larger version.

On the left is the standard hardback, on the right the World Fantasy Con limited edition trade paperback, and in the center the signed, limited-edition, leather-bound hardback.

You know you want this book.  You don't want just one copy, though; oh, no.  You want one of each format for yourself, plus similar sets as gifts for all your friends.  After all, Chanukah and Christmas are not far away, not really, not when it comes to books.

Why am I pushing this book so hard, when I've never hustled as much for a novel of my own?

Two reasons.

First, this anthology is a tribute to Dave, and he and it deserve the widest possible audience.  In addition, I'm confident there are interesting stories in this volume for almost all readers.  

Second, though I've edited several anthologies and liked them all, none has ever earned out its advance.  I hate that fact.  I like making money for Publisher Toni.  I don't like it when I don't earn out.  So, I want this book to earn out big-time, to earn out in such big numbers and for such a long time that contributors are getting royalty checks from it for years to come.  Wouldn't that be nice for all those nifty authors?

Yeah, you know you want this book.


Anonymous said...

Two people getting royalty checks would also be you and your daughter Sarah.

Mark said...

That is absolutely true. I certainly wasn't trying to hide that fact. I would benefit exactly as much (pro rata by word count) as any other contributor. So would she.

Though I don't generally discuss this, I have never taken an editor's payment for editing an anthology; I have always received only the same per-word payment as all the other contributors.

The real point that I was trying to make in my second reason was exactly what I said: it bugs me not to have earned out.


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