Saturday, September 26, 2015

One crazy finish

Earlier tonight, a bunch of us watched the UFC's fights from Japan.  Most of the card varied from ho-hum to downright bad, though a few fights were quite good.  Then the co-main event started, a battle between the favorite, Gegard Mousasi, and a challenger, Uriah Hall, who took the fight on fairly short notice.  Hall had risen to prominence on The Ultimate Fighter TV show, in the course of which he knocked out an opponent with a spinning heel kick.

Early in the first round of the fight, Mousasi took down Hall.  The rest of that round consisted mostly of Mousasi trying to submit Hall, and Hall trying to defend.

At the break between rounds, Kyle said something along the lines of, "Maybe in round two Hall will spinning-heel kick Mousasi and knock him out."

The second round started.  Go here to see what happened.

Yup, tonight Kyle proved to be a prophet, and we enjoyed a very entertaining upset.

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