Monday, September 28, 2015

Come on down to New Orleans this weekend

and join the fun at CONtraflow V/DeepSouthCon 53, where I have the privilege of being Toastmaster.  I've missed only one year of this con, and I hope not to miss more.  It's always fun, with a great crew of people who run it and, face it, one of the great con cities, New Orleans.  It's also two conventions in one:  CONtraflow and the new-city-each-year con, DeepSouthCon.

You want more reasons to come?  How about author guest of honor Robert Sawyer, author and science guest of honor Les Johnson, author and musical special guest Seanan McGuire, artist guest of honor Julie Dillon, and so many more great guests it's hard to make time at opening ceremonies to introduce them all?

Not enough?  Do you like to eat?  Then enjoy the con between meals, and head into the city for an amazing variety of wonderful restaurants.  New Orleans' food is deservedly legendary.

Music your thing?  The con has multiple special musical guests, and the city itself is dancing with wonderful live music.

Seriously, if you have the time and the bucks, head to New Orleans for this con.


Rosanne said...

This Louisiana lady does wish she could be there. I know you will have a great time in NO. That's a given. 😀

Mark said...

I tend to agree.


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