Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A great meal for a worthy cause

A group of us tonight joined other happy diners at Panciuto, one of my favorite restaurants, for a delicious meal to benefit the Eno River Farmers Market.  Chef Aaron Vandemark created a menu around the theme of food from our founding fathers, and it was outstanding.  The great team at Panciuto served us all with care and grace, and everyone I spoke with had a wonderful time.

Aaron presented the meal as four "acts," the first three of which each contained multiple dishes.  (The fourth was dessert.)  We all ate family style, from large plates of food.  From what I could see, no table came even close to finishing all of the food on offer.  The large printed menu told the stories behind each of the dishes.  It was big fun--big, tasty fun.

I normally take a lot of photos at these meals, but tonight I just relaxed, chatted, and ate.

I feel genuinely lucky to have the chance to enjoy such treats--and in this case to do so while benefiting a worthy organization.

If you ever have the opportunity to eat a community dinner at Panciuto, take it.  You will be very happy you did.

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