Monday, May 11, 2015

Mind dancing in the graveyards

One of Delta Rae's biggest hits, and a particular favorite of mine, is "Dancing in the Graveyards."  As much as I like the song, I may love even more this video for it.

As the band did the first time I saw them live, they closed Saturday night's show with a rousing rendition of this tune.  Watching them perform and listening raptly to the music, I thought of all the people I cared about who now are dead.  Mom and Ed came quickly to mind, but many more immediately followed them.  I would so very much like to see each of them again.

And so, each time I listen to this song, I think not only of how lovely it is, but also of those I've lost.  We can all do worse than from time to time to pay tribute with our thoughts and love to those who have died before us.  Someday, their memories, like the memories of all of humanity, will fade and vanish, but until that day, they are alive in our minds and hearts, and that is a wonderful way to honor them and to love them.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, it is a pretty song and a really cool video.

Mark said...

You're most welcome. I like it a great deal.


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