Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I know Tom Cruise is supposed to be a jerk

and from what I've read, he probably is, but I don't care; I still want to see this next installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

If the trailer is any indication, the series has regained its sense of humor, which is a good thing.  Even when the movies were taking themselves entirely too seriously, however, I was enjoying them.  So, I very much look forward to this next one, Mission Impossible:  Rogue Nation.


Michelle said...

Not supposed to be, he is a jerk. However, even I concede that he has done some fine films. But, he is the mayor of Ass Hat Land.

Mark said...

I said "supposed to be" because I have no personal experience with him and little even secondhand data. That's all.

Michelle said...

Well, he doesn't call or write, so I can't say any of my information is first hand, but his views on mental illness being caused by the lack of exercise and vitamins and his vocal support of the horrendous Scientology cult,doesn't endear him. He does have acting chops and Top Gun was one of my favorite movies, but it's hard to get past his idiocy about post partum depression being a myth and calling anyone with psychiatric difficulties weak and lazy.

Mark said...

I'm not defending Cruise; I just explained my entry's title.


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