Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Would you buy an ice cream cone from this man?

I wouldn't.  Fortunately, today was Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day, so no one had to consider shopping with me.

Not that I was selling ice cream, mind you.  I spent the afternoon running various errands I could no longer put off.  Near the end of those tasks, I realized both that it was free ice cream day and I was two minutes away from a Ben & Jerry's store.  Having never been able to take advantage of this treat before, I could not pass it up.

My tiny cup of Cherry Garcia, one of the all-time great ice cream flavors, was delicious.  Despite a long line that never vanished, the people serving us were relentlessly nice and cheerful.

It was a lovely break on a weekday, and one I heartily recommend should you have the opportunity to take it.


Deb said...

Does Cone Man have minions?

Mark said...

Not to my knowledge, though knowing how sneaky he is, it's certainly possible.

Rosanne said...

That shirt is awesome! Gorgeous colors!

Mark said...

Thanks. It's from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.


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