Saturday, March 7, 2015

The top five reasons springing forward sucks

I hate this night, when the world decides to steal an hour of sleep.  I can cite many reasons for this dislike; here are the top five.

5.  The name is stupid.  I'm not springing in any sense, nor am I moving forward.  I'm simply watching a perfectly good hour of sleep vanish.

4.  Do we really need Daylight Savings Time anyway?  I don't think so.  Energy savings are debatable at best, and we're no longer primarily an agrarian economy.  I'm for bagging it and stopping this useless bit of clock changing.

3.  Saturday night is just a mean night to do it.  We take some of the shiny off one of the two great weekend days, with work coming fast on its heels.  If we must do this silly thing, let's do it on a weekday--and live with everyone messing up their work schedule.  Better that than ruining a perfectly good weekend.

2.  Our bodies adapt to nature, not to clocks.  We're wired to adapt our sleep to the state of the world.  Let's go with that over contorting our sleep schedules to handle this clock change.

And the number one reason I dislike this tradition is

1.  Dammit, Leroy, they're stealing my sleep!  I'll give up the extra hour of fall back not to have anyone ever steal my slumber.  I don't get enough rest to give up any of it.

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