Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Gaslight Anthem deliver the power of rock and roll

Earlier tonight, a group of us that included Sarah and Ben went to the Lincoln Theatre to catch the show by the visiting Gaslight Anthem.  The Lincoln is in some ways quite cool and in others way too grungy, but it'll always be near and dear to me as the place I took Sarah for her first live rock-and-roll concert. 

I very much enjoyed tonight's show.  Lead singer Brian Fallon roared his way through a 90-minute set that, to all of our surprise, did not include an encore. 

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When I'm at a rock concert, I forget for at least a few moments, and often for longer, my age, my fatness, my job, everything except the music.  I'm sixteen again, the music pounding through me and letting me know that others share my dreams, that I can do it--whatever it is.  I soak in energy and really am that angry, lonely, horny, artsy, frustrated teenager once again, howling with the music. 

Live music has its own special power, and I can't imagine ever stopping wanting to attend concerts.

I will always love rock and roll.

Photo courtesy of Sarah.

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