Saturday, February 21, 2015

When you get a new ham bone

you have to contemplate it, study it, plan your attack--and, of course, protect it. 

Click an image to see a larger version.

When you're ready, you pounce.

Once you have it securely under control, you move your head so quickly that no camera can captuer your motion perfectly. 

Victory over the ham bone is now yours. 

Alas, victory is tiring, and so you yawn.

At this point, what else can do you but gaze soulfully into your human's eyes and implore him...

...yes, almost command him... give you another new bone.

And so it begins again.


Rosanne said...

Holden is just TOO cute!

I really, really miss my black lab border collie mix, Mollie. RIP, my friend.

Mark said...

Holden is indeed, in my biased opinion, the best dog in the world.

I am sorry for your loss.


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