Thursday, February 19, 2015

The top 5 snow and ice driving tips Raleigh motorists can't learn

I was able to get out of my driveway and neighborhood today and finally reach the office.  In the course of driving there and heading home, I recalled why I wish I could spend every snow and ice day hiding in my house, as far from local motorists as I can get.  From these trips, I have discovered that people here simply cannot learn these basic lessons:

5.  The fact that you drive an SUV does not mean that the dealer downloaded into your brain Matrix-style the skills for handling snow and ice.

4.  Tailgating someone is never a good idea, but it's a particularly bad one on an icy stretch of road. 

3.  What those yellow signs with the squiggly lines on them mean. 

2.  Those signs that tell you certain sections of road will freeze first are not lying. 

and the lesson they most seem unable to grasp is

1.  That shiny black stuff that looks like water but doesn't ripple is, no fooling, ice. 


Vicki Warren said...

# 6 Four wheel drive is not four wheel stop.

Mark said...

Very true.

Rosanne said...

Lots of folks here don;t know how to drive in the rain either! And the roads need more reflectors and better reflective paint for lane stripes!

Mark said...

In general, most folks are mediocre or worse drivers. Sturgeon's Law and all that.


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