Friday, February 6, 2015

The best grape juice I've ever tasted

I don't drink alcoholic beverages, which means I fail as a foodie in the eyes of some folks because I don't drink wine.  I'm okay with that.  Every now and then, though, a server who learns I don't want wine tries to persuade me to try something bottled and non-alcoholic.  I almost never bother, for it's usually too sweet to be worth the trouble.  During my second meal at Blue in January, however, I yielded to a very persuasive server because he was just so good and so nice that I decided to try some grape juice he offered.  This grape juice.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Wow, was it good!  It was indeed very sweet, but somehow not as cloying as most grape juices I've tried, and it was a lovely complement to the meal.  I've since read several folks online praising the grape juices from Navarro, so I hope to get to try more.

If you ever get the chance to taste this one, I recommend it. 


Rosanne said...

just realized that this juice may be made from the same grapes that are used for the wine of the same name. They are grapes that are at the last bit of being ok to pick, where they have shriveled down to one rich drop of incredibly sweet juice. The wine made from them is a dessert wine since they are so sweet. No wonder the juice was so delicious! (and probably, costly!)

Mark said...

I don't remember the cost, but it was both sweet and yet smooth. Lovely.


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