Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday in the library with Dave and Mark

Granted, it's not as good a title as Sunday in the Park with George, but you could indeed spend part of a Sunday--March 1, to be precise--in a library (the Eva Perry Regional Library in Apex, NC) listening to David Drake and me discuss one of the giants of SF, Robert A. Heinlein.

Check out this poster for the event. 

Click an image to see a larger version.

You'll notice that our talk is just one of many such events that the Wake County Public Libraries are running.  Here's a poster that showcases them all.

That's a great selection of classic authors and a good group of local writers discussing them.  If you're free on March 1, come out and participate in the discussion; we'll be happy to see you.  If you can't make our event, try to hit one of the others.  We'll all do our best to make the talks entertaining and informative.


Anonymous said...

Is it going to be recorded and perhaps put on the web? I'd be interested on your take on Heinlein but it's a bit far to go from England.

I enjoyed Heinlein's work as a youth but found some of the ideas on sex in his later work a bit disturbing.

Andy Finkel said...

Any chance of making it available in podcast form ? I'd love to hear it, but its unlikely I'll be in the area...

Mark said...

I don't think the library had planned to record the talk, but let me look into it and see what is possible. If I can work out something, I'll announce it here on the blog.

Regardless, thanks for the interest!


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