Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On the road again: Grand Cayman, day 7

Today began entirely too early, but that's only because I couldn't sleep until noon.  I am confident that rest and time will rid me of this nagging cough, but in the interim I seem to have a nearly endless appetite for rest. 

Once up, I enjoyed a late and simple breakfast on the balcony while I said goodbye to the ocean.  I will miss it.

Everything proceeded splendidly until I was leaving the American counter at the Grand Cayman airport and learned that I "had been chosen" for a random search.  Oh, boy.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I've been to Grand Cayman four times, and I've had this delight twice.

The first search was of my body.  A very disinterested man patted me down but managed to pause as he cupped first my right armpit and then my right testicle.  He showed no such affection for the counterparts on the left side of my body, nor did he offer me a drink or his phone number.

The second search involved a young woman making a mess of my backpack, which is jammed to the gills with electronics and other stuff.  Predictably, it took me much longer to reassemble it than it did for her to look through it.

The third and final search involved my checked bag.  The woman conducting this one was quick and efficient, for which I was grateful.

The flights were uneventful, which is the best you can hope for.

My layover in the Miami airport was so long that I was able to catch up completely on work email, grab a late lunch/early dinner, and still have time to walk around.  I'm happy to report that my new Global Entry status proved its worth:  My passage through customs and immigration was smooth, fast, and generally a great pleasure, particularly in comparison to the usual process.

I'm now home, unpacking, and hoping to wind down and crash soon so that I can resume the usual work schedule tomorrow.

I very much hope I can attend the Cayman Cookout next year, but it will be quite some time before I will know if that is possible.

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