Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On the road again: Grand Cayman, day 6

On the days without Cayman Cookout morning events, I have been sleeping quite late and spending enormous amounts of time in bed.  Today followed that pattern.  As a result of this practice, I feel better than I've felt in some time, though my cough still annoyingly lingers and appears from time to time.

After a bit of reading, I headed to the beach for lunch and time in the ocean.  I'm on vacation, so I opted for the hot dog and side salad, which the very nice servers brought to my chair on the sand.

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A perfectly toasted bun, tart cheddar cheese, and way too much bacon--which is to say, just the right amount of bacon--made this Niman Ranch hot dog a real treat.

The fact that I'm at a foodie event doesn't stop me from enjoying the noble tube steak.

The view from my chair--I was too late for the first row and so had to settle for the second--was lovely.

After lunch, I splashed in the water, sat at one of the floating tables, watched the fish and the other tourists, and generally had a grand time being in the beautiful ocean.  I followed that with a dip in the pool and then some reading and relaxing back in the room.

It's an "and" world when you're on vacation at the Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman, so I used that realization to propel me to a second dinner at Blue by Eric Ripert, thus affording me the chance to try the tasting menu I've never gotten to.

I may do a separate entry on that meal later, but suffice for now to say that it was delicious.  Ultimately, though, I prefer the Eric Ripert tasting menu of my earlier Blue dinner to the Blue tasting menu of tonight's meal.

As so many folks around here are wont to say, another day in paradise.

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