Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tux time again

Once a year, I don a tuxedo to attend my company's annual dinner and party, the Seasonal Celebration.  We held it earlier tonight, so I broke out my tux, complete with blue vest and blue bow tie, put on my John Lobbs, and attended in style. 

The event is a high point for me each year, because it's when the company gathers to look back at the year and to share the profits.  At PT, we really are all in it together, and everybody wins, or nobody wins. 

After sleeping not at all last night, however, I am past ready for bed.  I hope to grab at least eight hours tonight.

What a luxury that would be!


Anonymous said...

Sleep... the ultimate representation of supply and demand. Hopefully your generally value of sleep will soon crash.


Mark said...

I share that hope!


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