Sunday, October 12, 2014


On Friday, a court decision finally made it legal for any two people in North Carolina to marry one another.

About damn time.

Two years ago, my state passed an amendment to its constitution that prohibited same-sex marriage or civil unions.  About 35% of the registered voters turned out, and they passed it overwhelmingly, roughly 61% to 39%.  I was bummed.

Today, a series of court decisions, started about a week ago by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision not to hear same-sex marriage cases, effectively over-ruled that amendment.  I am thrilled.

Most of all, I am happy that all my friends--all the citizens of North Carolina--can marry the people they love, should they so choose. 

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Rosanne said...

I texted a friend as I was watching the first same-sex marriage take place in the Wake County Courthouse. I was teary-eyed w/ happiness for all of the folks who can now marry thanks to the judges ruling. He was at his son's wedding (a same-sex marriage) in Mobile, and at first, my friend didn't believe me. I am so happy that now my friend and his partner can marry if they so choose.


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