Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"I'm in no hurry"

is a phrase I almost never say.  I'm always in a hurry, always behind on projects, always struggling to accomplish everything I want to do that day, always pushing myself until I fall into bed, exhausted, only to start all over again the next day.

Except at the beach.  Except when I was on sabbatical.  Except for a few hours on a few days recently in London, when I once said it as I made room in a take-out food line for a mother who was clearly rushing to feed her kids and get to their next appointment. 

As the words rolled out of my mouth, I realized that I am often at my happiest, and certainly my most relaxed, in the situations when I am indeed in no hurry. 

The lesson here is obvious. 

Less obvious, though, is how to bring that lesson into practice and still do all I want to do, do my day job and write, keep all my commitments and still enjoy private time--strive to maintain all the balances that are part of almost all my days.

I've decided to start by trying to notice all those moments when I don't have to hurry, whenever and wherever they occur, and then to savor them, luxuriate in them, for however long they last.

I don't know that I'll succeed, but I believe it's worth a shot.


Anonymous said...

You haven't all day to not be in a hurry, so you better stop dilly dalling and get right to it before you run out of time.


Anonymous said...

You are succeeding already. :)

Mark said...

Yikes! Did I fall behind again? That happens.

Anonymous said...

Great now you'll never have enough time. It's that kind of yin attitude that leads to you not hurrying up and getting to.... your not hurrying...... well done?


Mark said...

Perhaps. We may never know.

Rosanne said...

I think you are succeeding just by recognizing how wonderful those moments are. I've seen archer's posts before. Funny. :)

You must be so proud of Sarah! Awesome that her writing has been published!

Mark said...

I am indeed very proud of Sarah.


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