Friday, September 19, 2014

5 movies I'd like to see remade with Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has not let age stop him from becoming one of the hottest action stars in Hollywood.  His odd, hulking presence combined with an ability to act, something many action stars lack, has let him become a credible hero even though he's 62 years old.  He's starring in one of the hot movies opening this weekend, A Walk Among the Tombstones.  It's his second live-action star turn this year

And I, like many of my friends, can't get enough of him in these roles.

Thinking about this topic led me to wonder just what it would be like to see Neeson take on the challenge of remaking some classic action films.  Here are five (of the many such films) I'd like to see.

  1. First Blood: Stallone was fine as Rambo and turned the role into a franchise, but imagine the story with Neeson being escorted out of town.  He wouldn't need a tank top or a special knife; he could do it all without ever taking off his trench coat.
  2. Road House: Patrick Swayze was always too small for this role, and he spent too much time showing us his chest.  Neeson would loom over everyone else and be the ultimate club cooler. 
  3. Mad Max: Mel Gibson, back when his head could still fit in a normal-size building, drove his way through the desolate outback and into our hearts in this post-apocalyptic gem.  Neeson could do the whole movie on foot. 
  4. The Terminator:  Need I say more?  We sure as hell would believe Neeson when he said he'd be back.
  5. Die Hard:  Yeah, I know that Bruce Willis is three years younger than Liam Neeson, but so what?  The last Die Hard saga proved Willis can't keep this franchise going any longer.  Give Liam a chance.  He can bring it back.  Liam has particular skills.
Any studio that doubts Neeson's ability to resuscitate any of these films can easily buy an insurance policy:  Cast The Rock (oh, excuse me: Dwayne Johnson) as the bad guy opposite Neeson.  Pure box-office gold. 

Imagine the all-night Liamathon you could have with this list!


Kyle said...

After seeing A Walk Among the Tombstones, I think Neeson was meant for a Dirty Harry reboot. With his size and his craggy features he's like a sad Irish Clint Eastwood.

Michelle said...

I love Liam Neeson. I don't care what role he takes, as long as he is in the film, I am there.

Mark said...

I agree about going to any movie of his.

Kyle, I have to agree that he would make a fine Dirty Harry.


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