Thursday, August 14, 2014

On the road again: London, day 6
WorldCon, day 1

The morning went to work and sleep.  Lunch was an alarmingly authentic meal at a nearby Chinese restaurant; I am simply not ready for the degree to which tendons and skin figured prominently in the various offerings.

The opening ceremonies of the convention revolved around a small play and were the silliest in my memory, though I confess to having missed many of these occasions.

I then wandered the dealers' room, which was refreshingly full of books, and the art show.  Both provided pleasant browsing and the chance to see some books and art not normally available in the U.S.

After a few hours of work, a group of us headed back into London proper for a marvelous dinner that I will cover later in its own blog entry. 

Though I had hoped to hit some of the con parties, work, rather than socializing, filled the rest of the day until now, when I hope to fall over and go boom.

Tomorrow, I hope to see more of the con!

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